Redefining Custom

Building Process

At Timberland Homes, it is important to us that you understand our entire design process from start to finish. The following provides a general overview of our process, including the conceptual stage, interior and exterior design, payment and completion of your project.

It All Begins With A Conversation

We begin by listening. Tell us why you want to build, where you want to build, and what your vision is for your new home. In the first meeting, we will be able to help explain the building process from everything from planning to financing.

Start With
Your Land

Do you own some land already, or have a specific property in mind? That's great. We'd love to talk more about your property and creating a home that will be a perfect fit.

We Will Find
You Land

No land yet? No problem. We'll talk about your needs, desired location, or community and go from there. Our certified team of experts will help to find the perfect property for you.

Use Our Land

Should you be open to suggestion, we have beautiful properties available that may better suit your custom needs.

Timberland Homes

Begin Design

Our architects will assist you in creating your luxurious and timeless design. Transform your ideas into a totally custom design or start from one of our iconic plans. Either way, we will tailor your home to your exact needs and budget.

Present Quote

This is our opportunity to present to you what we can offer per your requests and vision. We will present a detailed summary of everything you can expect including foundation, footings, and paint. This quote allows you to understand the value and quality of your purchase.

Sign Contract

Review and sign the contract agreement.

Timberland Homes

Make Your

You will make all of the interior selections to complete your home. If you do not have time for selections, leave it to our experts to create a finishing package that aligns with your style and vision.

Your Home

Our trade partners and construction team are making your dream a reality. Your home will come to life through the stages of excavation, foundation, framing, mechanical, drywall and completion.

Move In

Welcome to your new home!

Service & Warranty

We offer an extensive service and warranty program to ensure that you are still in love with your home years after you've moved in. We want to make sure that your home is running efficiently and that every detail is complete and to your liking.

Timberland Homes