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Giving rise to a new era of luxury standards and quality integrity, Timberland Homes offers an additional year of warranty above the existing Tarion Warranty. This guarantee supports the complexity of our projects and the expertise of our craftsmanship.

At A Glance
1 Year
2 Year
2 Year
3 Year
7 Year

Defects in work and materials

Unauthorized subsitution of materials

Ontario Building Code Healt and Safety Violations

Water penetration through basement or foundation

Water penetration in building envelope

Defects in electrical, plumbing, or heating systems

Defects in exterior cladding

Major structural defects


As part of your decision to build with Timberland Homes, we are pleased to extend to you our Concierge Service.

This insurance option offers you the peace of mind that new home owners should enjoy while effortlessly maintaining your new home. With this service, our professional staff return seasonally to your home to inspect, check and correct any issues that may have come up within the first year from date of closing. From experience, we realize that the intricacy of your home and the types of advanced equipment that your home includes may be something you find overwhelming and we wish to offer you the opportunity to have quality trades return and inspect specific areas such as plumbing or heating and cooling. This service is intended to be proactive in the maintenance of your home and does not replace the Timberland commitment to general service call inquiries.

Timberland Homes: Concierge Service

Energy Star

Timberland Homes is committed to environmental consciousness and value for our clients

We are proud to mandate that effective April 1, 2015, ALL of our homes will be accredited with the Energy Star Certification. Your new home is an investment, and it is our job to build it with the utmost respect for quality and efficiency. It is our goal to continually raise the bar in our industry... Energy Star Certification is the new Timberland Homes Standard!

Reduced Leaks and Drafts

Reduced Leaks
and Drafts

Comprehensive air sealing, quality-installed insulation, and high performance windows and doors minimize warm and cold spots.

More Consistent Temperatures

More Consistent

A high efficiency heating and cooling system ensures better comfort in every room, year-around.

Peace of Mind

of Mind

Trained and certified professionals perform independent inspections and testing, so you can sleep well knowing things were done right.

Improved Air Quality

Air Quality

A fresh-air system and high-performance filter provide a controlled amount of outdoor air, improves indoor air quality, and deduces dust, pollen, and other allergens.

Better Durability


A comprehensive water management system, including flashing, moisture barriers, and heavy-duty membranes, protects roofs, walls, and foundations from moisture damage.

Timberland Homes: Energy Star Certified

An Energy Star Home is 20% more energy efficient than any home built to standard code. Your home requires less energy for heating and cooling, hot water, light and appliances.