Custom home builders in Ontario, Canada

With a custom approach, we will lay a visionary foundation for your dream home! 

We make your home truly reflect your style! Our core focus is on a design entirely based on your given preferences. We keep you informed and involved throughout the planning and design process to ensure everything goes your way. 

Timberland Homes understand the importance of budget and local building guidelines to ensure your dream home adheres to all local regulations so you can rest assured your vision becomes a reality within your given frameworks. Working in the construction industry for about 28 years, we have received several awards that demonstrate our work excellence. 

Hire us as your Home Builders in Ontario to start planning your perfect abode!

Planning and Designing Your Ontario Dream Home: From Concept to Construction

Once we have a discussion with you, here’s how the planning, designing, and completion process of the project will proceed:

Beginning With Your Land
The planning process of construction will commence instantly if you already own a property or land. We will have a detailed discussion regarding the land’s location, surroundings and other factors to start the planning process.
Want to Find a Land?

No worries if you have yet not find an ideal property to construct your residence. Simply let us know your needs, location preferences and other recommendations, and our custom home builder  in Ontario will get back to you with the options that align with your demands.

Use Our Land
Timberland Homes owns some stunning properties in Ontario, and if you want, we can also recommend some suitable land options that may align with your expectations.
Begin Design

Once the location is finalized, then we will proceed with the designing phase. You will convey your vision with our skilled architects who will turn those ideas into a beauty reality for you. You have two options:

  • Design an entirely customized design
  • Choose one of our amazingly designed plans
Present Quote
Timberland Homes will detail the proposed plan to give you a clear understanding of the project's scope, including foundation, footings, and finishings.
Sign Contract
Review and sign the contract agreement, defining the terms of the project.
Selecting Finishes
You will be selecting all the interior finishes to complete your space in your way. If needed, Timberland Homes experts can assist in creating a cohesive design package reflecting your style.
Building Your Home
Timberland Homes will proceed with construction, engaging trade partners and our construction team to bring your dream home to life through various stages like excavation, foundation, framing, and completion.
Move In
After finishing everything from exterior to interior, your new home is ready to move in.


From stunning exteriors to beautiful interiors, Timberland Homes delivers sophisticated design and
award-winning quality to every client, every time.

Home Building Compliance Standards in Ontario

Ontario Building Code

The Ontario Building Code (OBC), governed by the Building Code Act, sets detailed technical requirements for construction, renovations, and building use in Ontario. It aims to ensure public safety, fire protection, resource conservation, environmental integrity, and accessibility. The Code establishes uniform standards covering health and safety, fire protection, structural sufficiency, construction materials, plumbing, and mechanical systems. Administered by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Code promotes building safety and can be viewed on the Province of Ontario’s website. All home builders in Ontario, Canada, have to adhere to these guidelines to build a home free of legal complications. 

Local Municipalities

In Ontario, Municipalities are responsible for enforcement, including appointing qualified officials and issuing permits in compliance with the Act. The Act also establishes a code of conduct for building officials and inspectors to maintain ethical standards. Additionally, municipalities have the authority to establish property standards by-laws, enforce property maintenance, and impose administrative penalties. Housing innovation guides are available to facilitate creative housing solutions and ensure compliance with building regulations.

Additionally, it’s crucial to adhere to zoning bylaws, which regulate land use, permitted building types, and other development regulations. Zoning bylaws implement a municipality’s official plan, ensuring the community’s development aligns with its vision. Any construction not compliant with these bylaws will be denied a building permit. If a proposed development doesn’t adhere to existing zoning, individuals can apply for a zoning change or amendment but must ensure it aligns with the official plan.

Weather Considerations (Insulation and Energy Efficiency, Snow Load and Roof Strength, Waterproofing and Drainage)

Ontario’s extreme weather requires a home design that prioritizes weather resilience. Homes need strong insulation (high R-value) for cold winters and adequate ventilation for hot summers. Is it essential that Roofs handle regional snow load while ensuring that waterproofing foundations and proper drainage systems are crucial to prevent water damage?

Safety and Security Considerations

The OBC sets standards for structural safety, fire protection, ventilation, and accessibility to ensure the home is safe for occupants. Here are some of those:

Ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code, adhering to regulations for construction projects outlined in O. Reg. 213/91.
Follow the hierarchy of controls to protect workers against hazards, prioritizing elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE). To ensure the labourers or workers on site are protected, the Ontario Ministry of Labour and Training and Skills Development. Set the essential Ontario Health and Safety Act.

Follow the specific regulations for construction projects, such as those pertaining to general requirements, access to and egress from work areas, housekeeping, fire protection, public way protection, traffic control, fall protection and roofing, hygiene, forms, falsework and re-shoring, equipment, electrical hazards, and excavations.
Consider guidance materials on the Construction Health and Safety Program to better understand how regulations apply to a workplace and achieve compliance.

Redefining Custom

With passion for design, dedication to our craft, and commitment to customer service, Timberland Homes sets a new standard for custom home builders.

Custom Home Builders Ontario. Reason to Choose

Your Destination For All Building Needs
Approaching us as your custom home company means you get an all-inclusive service that covers everything from excavation, construction, exteriors & interior design, and complete finishes for a home that’s ready to move in.
Experience Designing Luxury Homes

We have been constructing various types of residential properties since 1996. Having almost 3 decades of experience, we have faced challenges, explored high-tech techniques, and evolved our services constantly to become one of the award-winning companies in Canada. We have been awarded for our work excellence. The recent recognition we received was the Tarion Homeowners’ Choice Awards 2019.

Certified and Insured
Timberland Homes proudly holds the Energy Star certification, ensuring commitment to excellence. Our homes offer exceptional efficiency, comfort, and financial benefits to our valued clients. With this certification, we guarantee homes that not only meet high-quality standards but also prioritize sustainability and energy conservation.

We at Timberland Homes back our top standard services with offers a comprehensive warranty program to ensure your home remains in optimal condition, addressing any post-move-in concerns and maintaining your home's efficiency. Check our warranties in detail here.

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