In a recent feature article in Our Homes Magazine, Timberland Homes takes center stage as a living exhibit of custom home excellence. The article showcases the journey of Gino Piccioni, the founder of Timberland Homes, and his unwavering commitment to crafting dream homes that prioritize quality, luxury, and integrity.

Gino Piccioni’s story began 27 years ago, as he embarked on a career in custom home construction after studying civil engineering and learning the trade from his father, Mario Piccioni. Under his father’s mentorship, they built small residential homes, completing a few projects each year. The values of integrity and excellence instilled by Mario continue to shape Timberland Homes to this day.

One unique aspect of Timberland Homes is Gino and his partner Abby’s choice to reside in Legacy Grove, alongside their clients. This closeness to their clientele allows them to remain accessible, addressing any questions or concerns that arise. Gino’s philosophy is simple but powerful: “We don’t hide from our clients. The respect you show them, they show you back.” This transparent and customer-centric approach has played a crucial role in Timberland Homes’ success over the years.

In the article, Gino emphasizes that every home they build is unique, with a strong focus on understanding each homebuyer’s vision. Their approach starts with a conversation, where clients describe their ideal home and how it will reflect their lifestyle. Timberland Homes specializes in creating custom homes that are as distinct as the individuals who live in them.

Timberland Homes also keeps pace with evolving trends in architecture while actively pursuing energy-efficient building practices, with a commitment to EnergyStar certification and a focus on indoor air quality.

The article highlights Gino’s personal home, a four-bedroom, 4,500 sq. ft. masterpiece, which beautifully blends contemporary prairie-style architecture with earthy tones and accents. The open floor plan and an array of contrasting materials and textures create a harmonious living space, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship that Timberland Homes is known for.

In conclusion, Timberland Homes’ feature in Our Homes Magazine serves as a testament to their dedication and passion in the custom home building industry. As a “living exhibit” of their work, Gino Piccioni and Timberland Homes continue to craft dreams into reality, and their commitment to quality, luxury, and integrity remains unwavering.

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